My name is Edwin and because of my genuine passion for photography I am always chasing that elusive unique photographic moment that occurs everywhere and everyday around us.

My style of shooting can best be described as modern photojournalism.

Real Estate
When shooting real estate it is my intention to make each home sparkle to help sell them quickly. I pay very close attention to detail and take time to 'ready' every room and space so that each photo is ‘picture-perfect’. The use of professional lenses and lighting ensures clear and bright photos for your online listings, Real Estate publications and brochures.

Wedding and Events
When shooting people at a wedding or event, I try to be as unobtrusive as possible, capturing every moment with beautiful realism. I try to be as transparent as possible that people don’t even notice I’m there. My approach to portraiture is that I rarely pose people. I will often tell people where to stand in order to have the best light and most pleasing background, but then I let them do their thing. I try to make them laugh, make them comfortable, and then watch carefully as the person or couple’s relax and their unique personality come through in their photos. My overall goal is to capture the real you – you at your best.

My post-processing method falls in line with my shooting style: as natural as possible. I tend not to do heavy retouching but moderately adjust the exposure, contrast, and colours to look their best and most life-like.

Edwin Ham Photography offers professional experience, high quality images and confidence to all their clients.